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More on Apple Maps from FileMaker 16

Question asked by ericjungemann on Feb 21, 2018
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Hi All,

There have been several previous threads on accessing Apple Maps from FileMaker and we found some good ideas.

Previously, in VetFM (our veterinary practice management system), we have been using a link to Google Maps and that has worked fairly well for us but we shifted to Apple Maps for four reasons:

1.  We're mostly Mac and iOS based (95%) and it seemed 'right' to use Apple Maps to keep it in the family.

2.  Google has decided to change the free model of accessing its maps with some attempts at monetization (we don't blame them one bit for this . . . it is their product to do with as they see fit).

3.  We are getting pretty tired of the various privacy outrages from Facebook and Google as they hoover up all the information they can get from us and then treat it as 'their data'.  (Sure, they spell it out in their terms but still . . . ).  Something that Apple is in the forefront of 'NOT' doing (and we want to support that.

4.  We have been getting some repeatable failures from our previously reliable open url script.  Only a small percentage but enough that we get support complaints that are repeatable.


So, we implemented Apple Maps.  On Mac, it goes to a separate window that is very nice as it hangs around as needed.  On PC (a minority of our users) it overlays automatically (not in our control but makes sense) to Google Maps in a browser.


In iOS (iPads in our case) it works well in opening Apple Maps but using the upper left small button to return to FileMaker Go, we get to an error screen in spite of the fact that Maps brought up the location we wanted.  We can't figure out what we are doing incorrectly.  It is a minor issue but one that we would love to solve (and perhaps others would to. 


Below is a copy of the script (see the bottom for the open URL . . .we've included the whole script for those that would like to see the parsing example) and the 'return' FileMaker Go screen. 


Any thoughts would be appreciated.




Screenshot 2018-02-20 10.13.11.png