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Add fields to a table with a button

Question asked by d_smith on Feb 22, 2018
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Beginner here with my first question.


I am building an online job application.  As per DOT regulations all licenses in the past 10 years must be listed.  There is no telling how many licenses an applicant could have had.  Ideally I have 5 fields: state, number, type, endorsement, expiration.  After those fields I have a button that triggers another line with those fields to add another license. 




Currently I have the above listed fields on a Table (application processing).  The entire application is on that one Table.


In a perfect world there is a dynamic button that solves this. 


In an imperfect world I add fields to the table and list them state1 state2 state3 etc etc for every input option up to something like 12 and hope the applicant doesn't have more than that and then use some sort of show/hide button to add the fields to the application?


I added an attachment to show what  am trying to achieve.