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Dynamic Value List not Loading All Values

Question asked by pmccudden on Feb 21, 2018
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Part of what I'm building involves have a list of hotels that are used on a specific trip. Each hotel has a corresponding location. Each segment of a trip has a single corresponding location and hotel. Here are my table iterations to clarify:


Trips --> TripSegments --> Hotels


Trips --> TripSegments --> Locations



Trips-                List of all trips

TripSegments-  List of all trip segments that has a single location and hotel

Hotels-              List of all hotels

Locations-        List of all locations


The idea is to have the end user able to edit the lists of hotels and locations on a layout (also adding the location of the hotel on the Hotels table) and have a value list get populated depending on what location is selected for the TripSegment.


I have a value list of all hotels which is this so far:

Name of all hotels on: Trips --> TripSegments --> Hotels

Including only related values from: Trips --> TripSegments --> Locations


What this does is only loads some of the possible options. Sometimes it doesn't load any at all. I'm not sure why it does different things (sometimes), but something is off. Not sure what the best way to go about this would be.


I've tried to explain this the best I can. Please let me know if something doesn't make sense. Thank you in advance for your help.