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Has anyone successfully imported a godaddy SSL certificate in FM 16 and gotten it to work?

Question asked by padaddy on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2018 by padaddy

I have read numerous discussion threads on this, but cannot find anyone who has definitively gotten this to work.  I created my CSR in FM 16 admin console, I received my godaddy zip file that contains the signed cert and the intermediate file.  I go to import that certificate, and select my signed cert (.crt file) and intermediate cert (.p7b file).  I specify the serverKey.pem in my cstore folder as the primary key.  I type in my private key password (I am 100 percent sure it is correct).  All I get is a message saying "Certificate could not be imported: Failed to verify the signed certificate and intermediate certificates."  I have tried rekeying my cert 3 times and always end up in the same boat.  I can import the file without specifying an intermediate, but then I get warning messages when trying to open the admin console and an orange lock otherwise.  Why is this so difficult!?