Clicking in background Script Workspace window clicks the item

Discussion created by realgrouchy on Feb 22, 2018
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There's an inconsistent behaviour in FM that has been annoying me. (FMPA16.0.3, MacOS 10.12.6)


With layout windows, if I click on an out-of-focus window, it brings the window into focus without registering where I clicked within the window (e.g. if my cursor was over a button when I clicked the out-of-focus window, it doesn't trigger the button upon bringing it into focus). This is good, since it prevents accidentally doing stuff.


However, when the Script Workspace is a background window and I click into it, the click is registered. If I click on an If step (while another window has focus), it puts the cursor into the step editor. If I click in the script list (while another window has focus), it opens the script I clicked on. If I click in the blank space underneath the script list (while another window has focus), it hides the script that I had open.


The script workspace should behave like layout windows, in that wherever I click on a background Script Workspace window, it should only bring focus to the window, and if I wanted to actually click on the thing where my cursor is I would click a second time.


- RG>