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Date issues with imported CSV file

Question asked by mastmann on Feb 22, 2018
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By script I import a daily sales file output by our corporate computer in CSV format. Dates are stored in this file as YYYY-MMM-DD. The dates come into a FM Date field, but show a question mark until clicking in the date field with the YYYY-MMM-DD format is displayed. I've tried formatting the FM filed as MM/DD/YY or as YYYY-MMM-DD, but FM still doesn't see them these as dates and none of my date search scripts work. I've tried using a Replace calculation on the Date field to extract the Month, Day and Year, with no luck. I've done a Substitute / for - , with no luck. The only way I've been able to make this work is to open the file in Excel (where dates are automatically displayed as MM/DD/YY), highlight the date column, format it as a date, then save the file. Then all works.

Any ideas on how to fix so I can eliminate the manual process?