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FMP 16 Advanced: Tools menu missing on Windows

Question asked by AndresLP on Feb 22, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2018 by AndresLP

Not sure if I'm missing something obvious but the FileMaker Pro Advanced 16 "Tools menu" is hidden on Windows 10 when opening a file with an empty custom menu set as default. (the OnFirstWindowOpen script includes the steps to hide Menubar and Toolbars)


It's strange that this only happens on Windows (two different computers belonging to two other developers, also using the FMP 16 Advanced version). However the tools menu shows on my Mac.


When I need to do development on the file, I go to Tools > Custom Menus > [Standard FileMaker Menus] and work as normal.


However the two developers working on Windows can't show the Standard FileMaker Menus since the Tools menu is missing. So for them to be able to do development work on the file, I have to either change the open file script to show the standard FM menu for full access accounts, or place a button on the layout only visible with full access privilege set.


Has anybody seen this issue?