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MacOS Filemaker Pro ODBC Driver 16.0.19 seems broken

Question asked by mdlewis978 on Feb 22, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2018 by mdlewis978

Filemaker Pro 15.04.400

Filemaker Pro ODBC Driver 16.0.19

Microsoft Excel for Mac 16.10

MacOS 10.13.3 (High Sierra)

MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015)



Excel pivot table that updates from a FilemakerPro database using an SQL statement in the MS Excel Connection





  1. With most recent ODBC driver for Filemaker Pro 15 ODBC Driver (15.0.3), I became unable to add new connections after an update to either Excel or the MacOS or both. Symptom was an excel crash when trying to configure or use an existing DSN (most likely due to mishandling of the userid/pw popup between Excel and the ODBC driver)
  2. Upgraded to FileMaker Pro 16 ODBC Driver (16.0.19). Reportedly back compatible to 15. Can now add new connections.
  3. While both files are open, however, updates to the Filemaker Pro 15 database are not reflected in the Excel spreadsheet after a spreadsheet data refresh.
  4. If I close the Filemaker Pro database and then data  refresh the spreadsheet, it now reflects the most current database entries, however I cannot get any further database updates to be reflected in the Excel spreadsheet after a data refresh without closing and reopening the database.

    This behavior is duplicated with iQuery (simple SQL query interface tool) - select statements return current data only when the Filemaker Pro database is closed and reopened. Because of this, the problem is unrelated to Excel but a problem with the ODBC driver.

  5. As as aside with the 16.0.19 ODBC driver, I am now required to logon with uid/pw each time I perform a data refresh. In previous versions, this could be avoided for password free FileMaker Pro accounts.


Anyone out there seen something similar? I might be the only person I know trying to do this on the MacOS.