Layout with Tab Order in Portal and in Layout

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I know there have been discussions regarding tab order in a portal and I've written a script which solves that problem. Here is the script.


FMPro 16 Advanced


If [Get(TriggerKeystroke)=Char(9)]

  Set Variable [$Row; Value: Get(ActivePortalRowNumber)]

  Go to Portal Row [Select:Off; With Dialog:Off; $Row+1]

  Exit Script [Text Result:  ]

End If


It works find... if I don't have a tab order on the layout at all.  With a tab order on the layout for those entry fields outside the portal the tabbing inside the portal goes to the next row but the wrong field.


Is there a way to have a tab order on the layout and allow data entry in the portal tabbing 'down' the row on the same field?


Thank you for your time.