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Custom fonts in a WebViewer in iOS SDK

Question asked by amallo on Feb 22, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2018 by amallo

Via Xcode I have added custom fonts to my iOS SDK application and they display in a field or on a layout. My issues is that they don't display in the webviewer as part of my HTML pages that refers to them. It works if I install the foonts system wide with the AnyFont app. But I don't want to have to get my client to add required fonts this way just for the webviewer. Is the issue that FileMaker Go is using the Safari browser which doesn't have the fonts embedded? How do I get the webviewer to recognise the custom fonts? Do I have to add functionality to the Xcode to install a font Profile in the iOS System/General/Profiles section? Is exporting the fonts to the Temporary directory answer? Has anyone come up with a solution to this issue?