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Filemaker 15 vs 16

Question asked by mrosenhek on Feb 22, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2018 by schamblee


I have a client that is experiencing odd behaviour between FM 15 and FM Advanced (Which I know is not the latest rev). They are running Windows 7 Enterprise. DB files are hosted on a server.


When they use 15 they can open multiple DBs and toggle between them. They can tile them, resize them, and close selected windows while leaving FM running.


When using 16 Advanced they can open multiple DBs and toggle between them using the window menu. HOWEVER, they can't tile them beside each other and more important, cannot close a DB without literally exiting the FM app.


Here is FM 15

FM 15.png

Note  close buttons for the app AND for the individual window.


Here is the same file opened with FM 16 Advanced


Note only one close button.


Any advise? Thanks.