FMP 16.04 crashing under APFS

Discussion created by 5203319192 on Feb 23, 2018
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I have a new customer that just brought a new MBPro 15 ( 16 go Ram 1 To SSD ).

SSD is formatted using APFS.


We have installed our solution ( Auction solution ) and FMP is crashing .... once a while.

We are also using 3 Plug-in : TroiFile, FMButler Printer Switch and MailIt, all the latest version

We even had data loss after using FMP during 7 hours without interruption. ( Need to recover a file , and migrate Data into a fresh saved clone of the Solution ).


Beyond this, FMP seems SLOWER on this New machine  then on my old 2014 MBP. ( Also 16 Go RAM and 1 To SSD )

I am thinking about reverting the MBP to HFS+


Did anyone also experience such odd behaviors ?