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Unexpected Results Export Field Contents

Question asked by villmatt on Feb 23, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2018 by villmatt

Hey there,


I hope I've done enough digging and am correct in thinking this hasn't been spoken about before.


I have a container field which contains a JPG image. The photos are taken and saved from iOS devices.


Now I've tried to create a somewhat "preview" of the photo. So you click a small thumbnail of the photo, and a script runs the:


Set Variable [ $filename ; Value: Get(TemporaryPath) & GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( Job Notes::Photo ; "filename") ]

Export Field Contents [ Job Notes::Photo ; "$filename" ; Automatically Open ]


This works, however for the first time with a particular image it takes about 2 minutes


The part I'm confused about is if I don't specify the output file, It will load instantly on the iOS device and allow me to save it to the camera roll.


I just need the photos to open up in a "preview" type screen. With the share button in the top right.


The method above that includes the output file "$filename" works great. PDF's load instantly, share button on the top right. I'm just not fully grasping the understanding behind the way it handles images.



FilemakerServer 16

FilemakerGo 16