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How to insert data into a field automatically from a value list

Question asked by dgmjr on Feb 23, 2018
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A novice here with some experience using FM 16


My goal: Based on what action a user selects, data from a value list would automatically be inserted into a field.


Operations:   I am working on a database that will log job proposals and projects. When I create an new record, I am asked to choose one of the two options.  I have a  text field named 'proposalORproject'  from which data is collected form a value list that contains the words "Proposal" and "Project" I want the field 'proposalORproject' to automatically display "Proposal" if I choose to create a proposal, and if I create a new project, 'Project' appears in the 'proposalORproject'


At the moment I am basing the selection from the value list on the name of the layout. What method should I be trying? a calculations, a script, or maybe a trigger..........?

Any input would be greatly welcomed.