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Handling of opening files in Containers inconsistent (Double Click does not work if file connected via script)

Question asked by BenjaminMaurer on Feb 23, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by philmodjunk

Hey everyone,

I want to implement a database which allows users to edit pdf that are stored as a reference.


The optimal way would be to have an interactive pdf preview, the user presses an edit button, the file opens from the referenced folder, can be edited with full rights and the updated version will replace the file in the container after saving.

> This does not seem to be possible, because filemaker locks the file in the preview which prevents editing.


The solution was to store the file as a reference and deactivate the interactive view.

The user can now double click, the pdf opens, edits can be performed and because it is only a reference in the database it will be stored.


The issue occurs by inserting the file.


When I right click the container field and select "insert file"  with the checkbox set to "store only a reference to the file", I can simply open the file with a double click on the container field.


When I use a button, that triggers the following single step script to add a file:

Insert File [Filters; Reference; Display content; Never compress. OneScreen:DocumentLink]

the pdf in the container cannot be opened with a double click.


Also when a user drags a file into the container field double click does not work anymore.


Is there any solution to make this a little bit more consistent?

Do I have to create a script?



Alternative: Is there any way that I can drag a file to a container field and it will store the path location in a text field without including the file in the container?



Thank you for any help!