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Exit: Not exiting

Question asked by tays01s on Feb 23, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2018 by tays01s

On start up of a RunTime I have a script run to check for an old license and, if necessary, pull in user details:


Perform Script [ “Allow user abort” ]

Set Error Capture [ Off ]
Commit Records/Requests
[ BE_FileExists (Global::Path_NSTools & "Request.fmp12") = False


Home::Firstname "" and Home::Lastname "" and Home::Institution "" and Home::Address "" and Home::Zip_code "" and Home::Country "" and Home::Email "" and Home::Telephone ]

Exit Script [ ] Else


it then goes on to set various fields


End If


However, on the Mac version, when the fields that are checked are blank and there is NO old license (Request.fmp12) from which to get the info, instead of exiting, it

1. opens a folders window for the user to search for the file and

2. if 'cancel' the window a second window appear = 'cancel / continue'. Pressing cancel leaves the fields blank but press continue populates the fields with the license info from my Admin file (I had removed Admin rights from the RT and blanked these license fields).


A) How can I ensure the script exits if there is not license file at the specified filepath and

B) How does it find my Admin field into when I'd deliberately moved the license out of the filepath?