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BaseElements Plugin's function BE_ExportFieldContents

Question asked by mukai on Feb 25, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2018 by beverly

Hi everyone,


I am wondering if anyone can give me some suggestion on something please.


BE_ExportFieldContents in BE plugin allows you to export field content on the server.


I got it working before but for some reason, this time around,  it is not successfully exporting the file (from a container) to the temporary folder on the server.


I used TeamViewer to watch what’s going on in that folder and I could see a temp folder being created as the script runs (yes, the script is a script to be performed on server) and I could see the file being *created* but the size of that file is 0 bytes. So that means I have gotten the file path correctly.


File name and extension all checked out, exactly what I want.


That file together with the temp folder disappeared not long after because script completes.


I checked permission on that folder which I shouldn’t need to because it is the temp folder so FileMaker server software has access to it.


I am baffled why the file isn’t written successfully in the temp folder.


Any suggestion or comments welcome.


Much appreciated.


Note: I am using BE 3.3.4.