Slide control displaying in Browse mode and crashing FM

Discussion created by smith7180 on Feb 25, 2018
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Product and version

FileMaker 16.0.4

OS and version

Windows 10 Professional



Grouped slide controls will not auto close their "Slide Control Setup" menus.  When returning to browse mode, the "Slide Control Setup" persists.  Interacting with it at that point will crash FileMaker.

How to replicate

  1. Create New FileMaker solution (no need to define any fields or tables)
  2. Enter layout mode
  3. Add a large slide control
  4. Add a smaller slide control, within the first slide control
  5. Add a pop-up button in the second panel of the smaller slide control
  6. Group the two slide controls
  7. Save the layout (i.e. return to browse mode)
  8. Return to layout mode
  9. Double click the smaller slide
  10. Navigate to slide two
  11. Double click the popup button
  12. Press ctrl-b to return to browse mode
  13. The slide control is now visible in browse mode and can crash filemaker


Manually close the Slide Control Setup


Here's the setup in layout mode:


Here's the result in browse mode: