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Startup solution for quotations?

Question asked by Cécile on Feb 25, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2018 by DanielShanahan

I have tried to convince an old client of mine to start using a database instead of doing everything with Word and Excel. Well after 3 years, he agreed that it is the direction he should move towards - provided it does not cost an arm and a leg.


The main purpose at this time will be to make quotations.


They are using Acomba for accounting (and do not particularly like it) and copy everything into word cuz the formating from Acomba (e.g. billing) apparently is horrible. I don't know Acomba, I don't know if there is a way to have it talk to FM or whether there is a complete solution they could move towards (accounting and preparing quotations and bids). They don't really keep an inventory, so the list in Acomba is sort of their inventory or at least, the list of the products and services they sell.


They offer IT hosted management services (cable, Cloud, wifi, ip, 365 etc.) and have 6 main categories of products/services that need to figure in their quotes to potential clients.


I am very short of time and don't want to make them waste theirs waiting for me to be available. Besides that I am way too novice to feel I can handle a project professionally. It's one thing to develop for work on my time but to create a whole solution with lots of accounting stuff (I suck at numbers and luckily, none involved in my current job!) And it would take me loads of time I can't really bill because that would be me trying to figure out what to do.


So I was thinking that maybe there is an already made solution that I can tweak a bit for their needs? Or I could point them towards a local resource (they are in Laval, QC) I have to be careful because I initially recommanded to my client that he uses a local company that is a FM recommanded provider. Turns out my client is a competitor; apparently they also offer managed services and cloud and my client has been getting new clients leaving that company so knocking at their door to ask for FM development isn't really feasible.


Any suggestion?