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Connect containers to external images

Question asked by toby91 on Feb 25, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2018 by user19752

Hi guys,


Been playing with this all day and am lost, very new to File Maker but want to learn, please advise me on what I have got wrong and thanks for any advise in advance.


I have imported data into a main table, key fields for this question are barcode and "Zone image - (question ID)".


each record has 6 different images that I am going to record data for. All images reside in one folder \\c...\images


The fields zone image..... contains the image file name, I have set these to containers.


I went into manage - containers and created base direction of file location


I then went into the field options and storage and under container ticked"store container data externally" relative to the base direction I created and then open storage and specified "Zone Image _ Q1_05"


Am I completely off the mark?