Update Install Window is HIdden

Discussion created by kevingroder on Feb 26, 2018

This is an observation and a request to Filemaker. When an update is available, the user is prompted with a dialogue to download. When the download is complete, another dialogue box appears with "Install Update". All well and good so far. If the user happens to have a database window open, as is the case in our environment every time, another prompt instructs the user to close all database windows and click install (or some such verbiage).

Here's my issue, when you close the database window(s), the installer dialog box is hidden behind the Launch Center window. no big deal to many, but many of our users have no idea it is there and that there is another step required. to them, it appears the update completed and they reopen the database and the cycle repeats. Now, I have to go to every machine or make a call to explain what is going on all of the time.

Seems like it wouldn't be too difficult for the FM engineers to force this dialogue box into focus so it is more clear to the user that there ia another step to complete. It would sure make my life easier. filemakerincorporated