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FileMaker account name on the server

Question asked by on Feb 26, 2018
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Hello Community,


I have an schedule script which runs on the server. It sends an email to my clients. Once it sent an email, it will create a note e.g. email been sent to xxxx.


So the script sent the email and go to notes layout and add a record in notes.


Notes can be created by system like i mentioned above or manually.


In the notes, I have an field for author, this puts account name in so I know which user added this note.


When I add note manually, it puts my name as author.


However, when the script gets run from the server, sent email and add note, I see the author name as my name.


So my question, although script is run from the server, How it get's  my name and uses that as author. There are multiple accounts in my FM solution including Admin. But not sure why it picks up my name and uses that as author in notes when script gets run fro server.


Many Thanks.