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Jumping FileMaker

Discussion created by Andy Hibbs on Feb 26, 2018
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Does other people's work suffer as much as ours where various modules of FileMaker Pro and Server are constantly jumping up and down resulting in reduced productivity?


We're mainly developing on Windows, where opening a script from the debugger means scrolling up to find the step that was in focus at the time. Saving a script results in a complete refresh and having to trace the line before control S as pressed, I so nearly started editing a previous entry in an If statement just now due to the script jumping up from where I was.


Managing many files on FileMaker Server on Windows Servers is a nightmare using Chrome, Edge isn't available and Internet Explorer is pretty much unsupported these days. Opening, closing and replacing files in separated solutions means constant scrolling as focus is lost and as we'll be moving everything to encryption at rest, this is nearly a full time job trying to open files one at a time and often having to repeat the encryption password entry, despite save password having been set time and time again.


This appears to be worse on Windows and to date I've put up with it, but as I was listening to Spiders 'Dead or Alive' on Radio Caroline the lyric 'this is driving me insane' was just sung and I realised - it is!