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Print number of unique values and the value name from list

Question asked by mrsdizzie on Feb 25, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2018 by beverly

Hey all,


Pretty new here and unfamiliar with a lot of FileMaker terminology or when to use what feature. I've seen similar questions asked but can't seem to find a simple answer that works. I'm trying to take a list of similar values and get an output that only shows unique value names and then a number of how many times they appear in a list (exactly what uniq -c might do in unix).


The specific example here is just a table full of people who each have a t-shirt size, so:

First NameLast NameShirt Size
johndoeAdult Small
janedoeAdult Medium
filemakerAdult Small
fakenameAdult Large


I want to be able to get a list from this that would look like

Adult Small 2

Adult Medium 1

Adult Large 1



I know I can use a summary function to produce the list of all shirt sizes people have chosen, but not sure what the right place is to process that list/count duplicates after. Have found ways to count unique numbers, but unclear how to easily produce a list that has both the value name and the number of times it occurs in a table as shown in the desired output above. Any pointers in the right direction of where I should be looking would be much appreciated. Thx!