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FileMaker Pro Advanced 16.0.4 - Strange Dialog Box on Launch

Question asked by databuzz on Feb 26, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2018 by databuzz

I have a client who has installed FMPA 16.0.4 on Mac OS 10.13.3 and every time they launch the application they get this dialog box:


Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 5.44.58 pm.png

There are no buttons to click to dismiss this or anyone we've found to get beyond it. We have to force quit FileMaker Pro Advanced each time but it returns when we relaunch it. We found a similar report a few years ago here:


Filemaker Pro 15 Unresponsive - Yellow Exclamation Point Pop-Up Error Box


but that had no resolution. We've tried all the suggestions in that thread, including creating a new macOS account, deleting all the prefs/files and reinstalling, disk repair permissions etc. We're installing a full version of 16.0.4 and so far haven't been able to get beyond this.