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Date Relationships using <= or >= operators

Question asked by kdcattran on Feb 26, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2018 by erolst

Good Morning,


I am using two date field from my Table Main to attempt to product results that are using the subject line operators with no luck.  Here is what I have configured.





As you can see, the relationship from the Date field that is entered in as a Key for each record is linked to the Last 30 Days field which is also a Date field.  The Last 30 Days is a calculated date field and here is how I have that configured.


Last 30 Days.png


I've researched the FMP online manual and know that the relationship is not finding any records and therefore not producing the results that I am looking for.




I have tried everything that I can possible think of to resolve this but have reached an end of ideas.  Obviously I am doing something incorrect.  Can anybody shed some guidance on what it is?


Thank you for your time and assistance.