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Using Case and calculation field with variable text

Question asked by Macz on Feb 26, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2018 by Macz

Yesterday I learned how to use case to generate text in a different filed. That is working good!


Today I need to do something similar but with variable text.


I need it to have filed 1 find a phase such as (FS) and replace it with <b>(FS)</b> in field 2. Thing is, as in my example the text that comes after and before the text I want to change can be different in every record.


So anyone have an example of how I can change (FS) or (RS) and not change the surrounding text?


Sample of test in Filed1:



What I would like ti to become: (Name and No are different in every record, the (FS) and (RS) can be one of 5 different () things)

<b>(FS)</b> NAME <b>(RS)</b> NO X


Any Ideas on how I can accomplish this and do you have a sample (New to the scripting stuff in FMP)