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Scripted Chart based on user input to a table

Question asked by jtorpy on Feb 26, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2018 by beverly

I'm struggling a lot switching from Excel. I do VBA well, and I can build a chart because I can directly access all the parameters. I do see that freedom in Filemaker. I was hoping for some help to translate my skills into Filemaker. I can create a chart manually, but not with a script.


See 3 tables below / ERD. Not shown are two layouts, let's call them View and Chart.

What I want is to enter info in Parameters, then run a script to sort and filter based on the entries in Parameters.

I could adjust to show related records in View. But even if I did, how do I set the x and y-axis or the chart type?

Is there a way to dynamically set those with a script?


(ps. if there's a link or video that walks through something like that, I'd be open to it. I have looked around and haven't been able to find anything. Also, it would make sense to do this with SQL, but then how do I apply that to a layout so the chart will react?)