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Calculated field not showing results on layout in browse mode

Question asked by lclayton1997 on Feb 26, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2018 by philmodjunk

I am fairly new to FMPro v12.

I have a field on a layout that is supposed to be pulling a calculated field from a script.


This is what I did specifically by adding to existing tables/fields/calculations/etc.

I added the two new fields to the existing rate schedule as Shipping 399.99 and Shipping 499.99.

I added those fields to the Rate Schedule layout and entered the amounts in the table in the Browse mode.

I added the shipping amounts in the Shipping Value list.

And the issue prices in the Issue Price Value list.

I added the following to the Calculation script for Shipping 1 (this is the field on the form that should populate)

go to file [PD Process::Shipping 1]

If[PD Process::Issue Price 1 = 399.99]

Go to Layout ["Rate Schedule" (Rate Charts)]

Go to Field [Rate Charts::Shipping 399.99]

Copy [Select]

Go to Layout ["PD Process" (PD Process)]

Go to Field [PD Process::Shipping 1]

Paste [Select]


repeats the above except with the next rate such as = 59.99


But now when I browse on the form, the calculated field for Shipping 1 is blank regardless of what I choose in the drop down box for Issue Price 1.  Before it would bring back the corresponding shipping value.

What am I missing?