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Export data from FM to Excel

Question asked by jfencil on Feb 27, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2018 by jfencil

Hello all,


ISSUE: I am exporting data from FileMaker to Excel and data is being lost in the process..... EX.... 89148000003294678706 to 89148000003294700000.




My data in a field is "89148000003294678706" before exporting. When exported to Excel, that same number is changed to 89148000003294700000. Usually this is a simple fix in excel by converting the field format to "Number" and my data would return to "89148000003294678706". In this situation it does not. What am I missing here?


The confusing part is that I have another field with similar data and the same issue is happening in Excel, although I am able to resolve by changing field to "Number" and all data appears.