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Should I use Web Direct or Custom Publishing?

Question asked by 5eppa on Feb 27, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2018 by skywillmott

The company that I work at is looking to put up some forms that people can fill out online to get access to some free information that we will offer them. Basically they enter in their email and then we email them something in return. My boss wants the process to be automated and have the information get stored in our Filemaker database. I am relatively new to Filemaker still and was looking into the best way to do this. One option I see is to create a file that is a database and then have it be accessed through Web Direct in a guest account. Then they would simply have the file pull up and they would enter the email and etc and then that information would then be pulled into our main database that would go from there. However, looking at Custom Publishing a little bit I do see that you can use PHP to publish a web page as well. From what I can tell this would work more like a regular web page and thus it may make for a smoother customer experience. I am wondering what would be best as I have yet to work with the Custom publishing to know for certain yet.