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Can I do this with Filemaker?

Question asked by on Feb 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by Mark Mathews

Hello guys,


Name here is George. I now work in Excell, but I'm looking for a way to make it easy and I'm thinking at Filemaker. I haven't used this software, so I'm a complete noob, but I lear pretty fast.

So, let's start.


Every week I receive two .txt files with stock and sales for certain products.

In this files, I have more columns: A: week, B: Store ID, C: PPN, D: Stock or Sales, depending of the file.


In excell, I copy the content of the .txt files (Columns B and C), then remove duplicates (the stock files contain some of the same Stores IDs and PPNs, but somethimes there are online sales with PPNs wich don't apear in the stock file). After that, i use SUM IFS function to assign the stock / sale for each combination of Store ID and PPN (ex: Store ID: 555, PPN XYZ, 5 stock, 1 sale). And then, I use VLOOKUP function to search in another .xlsx file for description / location and different details for that PPN / Store ID.


What I want from Filemaker:

- to merge those 2 .txt files into one, with the duplicates beeing removed

- obtain the stock / sale for every PPN + Store ID

- obtain the descriopn for every PPN and Store ID


Basically, I want to make a database from these files and skip in the future the method I use now.

I'm trying to obtain a file wich only needs the 2 .txt files and then automatically merge them and obtain the stock / sale and description.


Is it possible with Filemaker?

If you need more infos, just let me know.


Thank you,