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Push notifications from attendance device to FMS

Question asked by barabba on Feb 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by mikebeargie

Hi mates, thank you for help.
I bought a ZKteco terminal for register the time attendance of staff, it's software is particular complicated for search attendance results and not easy to import on FMS (but maybe I can try through PostgreSQL, the attendance software uses it), and also hasn't a cheap license. I would like to import data directly to FMS from the terminal, there are two ways:
1) listen a TCP port to receive the HTTP request from terminal when attendance is registered (they call it Push Notification WDMS), seems this protocol is quite standard used, reading doc it looks like this:
Device sends:

GET /iclock/cdata?SN=xxxxxx&options=all Thereinto, xxxxxx is the device’s serial number.


server returns (example):

GET OPTION FROM: xxxxxx Stamp=82983982 OpStamp=9238883 ErrorDelay=60 Delay=30 TransTimes=00:00;14:05 TransInterval=1 TransFlag=1111000000 Realtime=1 Encrypt=0


2) Polling the terminal to get latest entries..


Does anything (plugins/etc) supports this already in FMS? Thank you!