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Is there a way to be alerted to possible duplicates when adding new records?

Question asked by sbon113 on Feb 27, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2018 by fmpdude

When I used Filemaker years ago at another job, we got an alert if a record we were entering was possibly a duplicate. I'm now realizing that might have been a custom script that was written and not a part of the program.  Can anyone guide me on how to write a similar script that will alert me if a name or permit number is duplicated?


Here is why: I manage certification courses for dental assistants & hygienists. Course results have to be sent to our state board.  Historically they were kept in a separate database for each individual course.  I get regular requests for the date someone took a course, but since the databases are in Access, I can't do a search on my computer to find their records. Instead, I have to open every single database until I find the answer. I am trying to combine all of our records into one database to make my job easier, but many people take all 5 certification courses through us over the course of several years.  The state board provided me with a list of all the current dental assistants and their permit numbers, and I know my records will never be exactly accurate, but I would like to avoid as many duplicates as possible.