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How to autopopulate field responses when navigating to new layout

Question asked by atrinabrill on Feb 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by philmodjunk

I would like to have a button on the Grants layout for "Add New Grant Year". After saving the Grant record (using a save button that creates a new grant year that autopopulates the Grant ID foreign key into a new Grant Year record), I would like the button to go to the Add New Grant Year layout in a new window to automatically populate several fields that were just filled and committed in the Grants layout. They are different tables.


In the Grants layout the user is asked for the number of grant years. I would like this number +1 to be the number of records that share the GrantID, and to have them listed in a portal or summary table in that window so that the user can easily see how many Grant Years have been added and how many more need to be done, as well as the totals for the budgets across the years. Eventually, I would like to develop an "Alerts" table/layout that will display any records missing (For example, if the user forgot to input one of the Grant Year budgets).


Additionally, in this new window, I would like to have an "Add New" button that returns some (but not all) of the same field information (Acct, AcctYr, _fkGrantID, etc) as the last record.


If possible, I would like the AcctYr to be autogenerated, though this might be tricky. The AcctYr is a product of the Acct number, the supplement indicator, and year code. For example: if the Acct is 12345, it is not a supplement, and it is year 1, the AcctYr will look like "12345-00 01". If this same AcctYr is a supplement and is in year 2, it will look like "12345-01 02". So far I just have it so that the user has to manually input these which is fine, though an autogeneration would be ideal.


Does anyone have any guidance? Thanks in advance!