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Help on "Relationships" Between Layouts.

Question asked by beccablue16 on Feb 27, 2018
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I'm new to FileMaker and am currently running FileMaker Pro 16. I have my database almost completely set up but have hit a bit of a wall and think I need some assistance in relation to the "Relationships" tool.


I'm a mortgage broker trying to create a database to track current, active clients, along with the lenders who are holding the mortgages. I'm wanting to create client profiles, as well as lender profiles, and have a link set between the two of them that share a relationship. For example, if John Doe has a mortgage and the lender is Jane Jones, I want to be able to link Jane to John's account, and vise versa. I have a drop down list already created, as well a "Client" layout and a "Lender" layout, however when I choose a lender for a specific client, it ends up creating a whole new record for that lender. So now, instead of 5 clients logged under 1 lender, I have 5 of the same lender for each individual client.


What I'm hoping to accomplish is to have a list of "active" clients under each lender, as well as be able to choose from a list of currently logged lenders, for each client, so that I'm not entering all the same data every time that same lender has a new mortgage.

Am I making sense? Hopefully someone can shed some light as to where I went wrong and have a solution to a quick fix.