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FileMaker Pro 16 won't open after crash.

Question asked by sunnychu on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2018 by TSGal

Please help, I am truly desperate... This issue has caused me countless hours on a client job and it's literally stressing me out.


This issue has happened the 3 third time now on 2 different Lenovo laptop installed with window 10.


All cases are installed with FileMaker Pro 16, on window 10 computer.


Everything use to work fine, and then one day it will crash, and the FileMaker software will not be able to open. Double click on it will causes a brief blink in task manager, but then nothing will happen. And when I try to uninstall/reinstall, the installation dialogue will become very small like attached picture, making it impossible for me to do anything. (This is not the case before the crash issue, other installation dialogue will still appear normal)




There are other symptom that happens along with the issue consistently:


The affected computer will not be able to share it's printer to the network.


Printer connected to the affected computer use to be accessible by other computer in the same network, once that issue happen, other computer will no longer be able to use that print via that machine, however the affected machine can still use the printer locally.


For the extra information, the machine was using FileMaker to detect print command from a FileMaker server solution. It will stay on an empty layout, and other machine will add record to that table. The affected machine will detect new record being added and perform a printing command with the information. I am not sure if this is stressing the computer out.


Normally, to solve the above situation, the only working solution is to reset the computer to prior date when it is working fine, the issue will be temporarily disappear, but after a while it will breakdown again.