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Popover interaction with EDIT value list, freezes popover access

Question asked by krheinlander on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by krheinlander

Problem Scenario (FMPa16.0.4): A relatively obscure edge use case


1) Popover with a value list on it that included EDIT as a field menu option on one of the popover fields.

2) Popover is opened as the result of a GTO from a button on another part of the layout. (spatial positioning to avoid the overlapping the “container field in Windows bug”)

3) If you EDIT the manual value list (or even just click OK in the value list edit dialog):

    A) the popover immediately closes on accepting the edit, and

    B) the button that initiates the GTO to open the popover, is inoperative.

    C) Debug shows the GTO script is executing but no resultant action (opening popover)

4) Committing the record does not help


5) BUT if you click into any other field, the inoperative button immediately becomes operative again, and will execute the GTO and the popover opens with the newly edited value list in the field.


WORKAROUND: If the regular button that executes the script containing the GoToObject within the popover, starts with a CLOSE POPOVER, the popover re-opens.


Apparently, FileMaker does not recognize the closed popover state that results from a EDIT of a value list item with a field on the popover window. OTHER does not impact the popover; it does not close the popover.


However, IF you are performing this directly from a popover button, the EDIT value list item still closes the popover, but the popover button will still open the popover directly. Apparently clicking the native launch point (button) for the popover, ignores the perceived state of the popover open condition. SO clicking the primary launch point button for the popover, does not suffer the same malady as a button that does a Go To Object within the popover to open it.