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How to set portal row to [last] always?

Question asked by TunghuaTai on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by beverly

I am creating a order management system for my company, for every order, I have a "chat function" at the right side, for everyone can talk to each other about this order,  I use a portal to show chat content, and a edit box for user to input, then a button to insert record to related table "log",



the problem is portal row always show the oldest record to the newest from top to button, but chat apps like "what's app" or "facebook messenger" are "newest chat at the button", so I write a script to



go to object [log]

go to portal row [last]


and I attached this script to "layout setup > script trigger > onRecordLoad", this worked well,


problem 2:

but when I commit the order record, the portal will go back to the top, showing the oldest chat,


solution 2:

then I attached the "go to portal raw [last], again, but it doesn't work, the script is triggered, but the portal still at the top, I can not find a way to row it to button.


please does anyone know how to solve this? I have been stuck at this problem for the whole afternoon.


Thanks very much.


Screenshot 2018-02-28 19.46.46.png