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How to fix new date in portal has to be entered twice to appear correctly?

Question asked by makintosh on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2018 by makintosh

One community member shared this method of filtering a range of dates in a portal using relationships. This method suits me well, except when I enable allow creation of records in this table and enter a new date, I always get the EndDate. I have to enter the correct date for a second time for it to appear.


The project I'm working on has a duplicate portal (not included in the attached file) that show summary fields. I notice that since I made this duplicate portal, entering dates in the original portal slows down and the summary fields appear empty when a new portal row is created or updated. I have to go to another layout and back again to the original layout for the data to appear.


I need help to be able to accept the date entered in the portal on the first try and also on how to refresh the data in the summary fields whenever new records are created or updated.


Any help is greatly appreciated.