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3 different IP addresses in server admin console!

Question asked by sicoa on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by sicoa

How is it possible that on an FMS 15.0.3 server running on El Capitan, in the admin console:


The Database Server IP address at the top of the screen is: (the current server IP address)


Further down the IP address of the web server is: (an old IP address of that server)


and the Web publishing engine IP address is:


What on earth is going on here? Does anyone know how this can be fixed? Numerous reboots, redeployment won't work because we get the now classic connection refused error on the web server test. How useful, no idea why it is looking for it there since it is on a different IP all together.


All network interfaces except Ethernet are disabled at the OS level in Network preferences.


The option of uninstalling FMS, re-installing the OS and then re-installing FMS is absolutely out of the question.


Any assistance is much appreciated.