Startup Script Only Works on one Account ?

Discussion created by ricko.cadenza on Feb 28, 2018
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Dear All,

This is my first Discussion,

I'm new in FileMaker Development,

I'd like to Discuss about my script that has an Issue:


The Script is to find records based on equality of "AccountName" and "field name" ("NIK" From Layout Named: "Menu")


Script Triggers : OnFirstWindowOpen




One Privilege Set Named: "Karyawan" used by three active account : “171004”, “171005”, “171006”




The problem is the script only work on last account created or modified, other account will return to the Else Function, shown custom dialog “Not Found”.


Here is where the Script Worked Fine with the user AccountName : "171006":


Here is where the Script Not Worked with the user AccountName : "171005"

Not Found.png

This means that on the time when the script return to Else Function, It's not recognise the Equality of : user AccountName and Field Named: "NIK"


But, when I Modified the Account Name and the Field "NIK" to e.g. "A171005", The Script worked Fine,

The more Frustrated I Become when I created another new Account with Privilege Set Named: "Karyawan", The Script worked Fine meanwhile the other Account that worked Fine before went wrong


Please Help me Figure out this,


Best Regards