Hosted database corrupted (error 808)

Discussion created by airmoi on Mar 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2018 by pragmatica

Hi, we are facing a very critical situation with one of our customer's database.

The production database has been corrupted, all backups are also corrupted and we have no way to open them anymore.


The error message displayed is :

"The access privileges in this file have been corrupted or possibly tempered with, please contact FM technical support..." (FileMaker error code 808)


Of course, we have tried all recovery methods we know, but they were unsuccessfull.


The database is stile live and accessible on the server, but we know that, once the database will be closed, we won't be able to open it anymore !

While accessing the privilges settings, we can se a "blank" account that can't be removed/edited, I believe this is the culprit (screenshot below).


I can't believe that an hosted database can be corrupted this way, this is a very critical issue.

We've worked all the night to save all data that could be saved, but with a 13Go file, it will be a pain to import them in a fresh clone and there will be an huge downtime for the customer which is not acceptable.


Do FileMaker have a solution to recover the database before we spend a whole day trying to recover from this situation ?