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Ranking calculation

Question asked by RonnieHiggins on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2018 by RonnieHiggins

I need to compare then return a result in a auto-enter number field (avoiding a calc field). Ideally this is built into a field and not scripted unless overly problematic.


Contacts table > Role field (text) is a multi-word job description.

Titles table > Title field (text) stores key word(s, sometimes more than 1 word ie: 'Tech Support').

Titles table > Rank field (number) stores a number value.


Ultimately I need to rank a contact based on the job description against the key pairs in the Titles table.

If the Title key word(s), an exact match of all words in the key, are matched in the job description it would return a rank number. There can be multiple match. All matches will be added together to return a total Role Rank.


The solution currently has 100,000 Employees and 50 Title rank entries.


Using FileMaker 16, so all current options are available. Pure FileMaker, JSON, SQL, whatever is needed.


Thanks ... Ronnie