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Question asked by rkutcher on Mar 1, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by rkutcher

I have saved a series of records as PDF's to a temporary file path - $path.


Now I would like to take each of those individual PDF pages and insert them into containers on a different layout.  I had planned to open the temporary file, Enter Preview Mode and loop thru each page to insert them in the containers.


Problem is I can't find a script step that opens the $path.  I tried Open File and Recover File but neither seem right.  Is there a step that will open the $path?


Looking ahead slightly I see that there is a script step Insert Picture and another Insert PDF.  Each of the pages I want to insert into the container fields is a single page PDF.  I would assume I should use the Insert Picture script step rather than the Insert PDF script step since Insert PDF is for Interactive containers and my single page PDF's don't require an Interactive field?