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How to use ExecuteSQL? Help Needed

Question asked by giles1234 on Mar 1, 2018
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Hi Team,


I've only been using Filemaker for fairly basic tasks (invoices, contacts, etc) until recently. Now I am building a FMP database to manage a bunch of different tour groups and their itineraries. I've built a front page, with a months worth of date fields, 36 to be exact, that can be "scrolled" up and down using a simple script. Then, using the relationship table, I've created 2 towers of 36 related fields (this was quite tedious!) to enable me to show where 2 tour groups are on a particular day. All fine and good. But I have been playing around with ExecuteSQL to do the same as the relationship tables to save me all the hassle of building more towers. Potentially we might want to show up to 5 or 6 tour group's location at once and it would be nice to be able to add more at a click of a button.


I'm not familiar with SQL at all, but I was thinking it must be possible to do something like:


ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT TourDateLocation FROM TableOfTour WHERE DatesonDisplay_&$RowNumer = TourDate & Overview1 = Tourname" )