Uploading to Filemaker Server

Discussion created by llamaassemblies on Mar 2, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2019 by duanemaas

I seem to be having some problems accessing Filemaker Server. The server is operational, I currently have a database file that works perfectly fine. Looking at Local Hosts, I can find the server as "FMPServer-PC.local". I am being told to enter my Admin Console name and password, which is greyed out but I believe to be correct. But upon trying to continue, I am greeted by a message that I have an Invalid Name/Password. Yet because it is greyed out, I cannot change it, even under an administrator account.


I also have Filemaker Go and an Ipad connecting up to a guest network that is different from the one the server is on. I need to connect to the server, which means I try typing in "FMPServer-PC.local", only to be told that it sees "No files". I have also tried using the external IP without success. This is the same for trying to find my main computer. I am unsure why my Filemaker Go is unable to see anything.