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Reference script, checkbox script

Question asked by dbakewell on Mar 2, 2018
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FM Masters,

I am pushing my limits on writing and understanding scripts.   I believe this is a two part script.

Part 1

I want to create a script which starts by going to a field called (Bidder) and reads the (Bidder_ID) number in it.    This (Bidder_ID) references an entry in a related table call (tbl_bidding).   I want the script to go to that table and (Bidder_ID) entry, then reference the following fields within it (Base_Value), (Value_A), Value_B), Value_C), (Value_D).


Part 2

I created a checkbox with four check boxes (A, B, C, D).    I want the field to sum these values from (Bidder_ID) depending which boxes are checked:  


If [checkbox = empty] Base_Value

If [checkbox = “A”] Sum (Base Value + Value_A)

If [checkbox = “A” , ”B”] Sum (Base_Value + Value_A + Value B)

If [checkbox = “A” , ”B” , ”C”] Sum (Bid_Value + Value_A + Value_B + Value_C)

If [checkbox = “A” , ”B” , ”C” , ”D”] Sum (Base_Value + Value_A + Value_B + Value_C + Value_D)


Any help is appreciated.


David, Apprentice / Young Grasshopper