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Check my FMP Cloud Solution budget?

Question asked by therealroach on Mar 2, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2018 by planteg

Hi there, I've built and tested a FMP solution that I use locally on my laptop. Now, I'm ready to deploy it to 5 people in my company to use.


Here's the pricing I've put together, perhaps you can raise any flags, or give it the "looks ok"

- $1193 CDN 5 licenses annual cost.

- $888 AWS annually billed.

- approx $360 annual for EC2 cost (estimating about $30/month)

Total Annual = $2441.00 year ballpark.


A little background info: I'm not a database wiz, so AWS seems like a good solution vs an on-site network. Also, our data throughput will be very slim. The database is mainly contact database, customer agreement database, invoices, etc. Thank you all!