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Strange occurrences  in portal row filtering

Question asked by enstorms on Mar 3, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2018 by beverly

Have a layout with 3 portals.  One on left for Employees, small one in middle for Qualifications, then the Tab Control with portals.  Each tab | portal is filtered on a Category field from the TO of the portal.  Select an employee and the big portal shows his/her related records for each category / tab selected.  All was working fine till a couple of days ago, then noticed noticed some records were showing up on more than one tab.  Also, one of the portal columns may show only the first rows contents.  The rest of that columns contents don't show and can't be edited. See Attachment. It's a popup menu selection on an ID field.  Then the hide object when feature (which I have on portal row buttons) works sometimes but not always.  This seems kind of strange.  First tab shows all records while rest of tabs filter based on the category field.  When problem showed up on that tab, had to delete the portal and copy portal from another tab to get it to work.  Have tried fixing indexes.  Don't know what else would be causing this.  Any ideas???